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J[ames] Robert Elliott

Biography of J[ames] Robert Elliott

Biographic Details

  • Family Name (Surname): Elliott
  • First Name: J[ames]
  • Middle Name: Robert
  • Date of Birth: January , 1 , 1910
  • Place of Birth (POB): Gainesville , Georgia (US-GA, GA, 13, Ga.)
  • Date of Death: June , 27 , 2006
  • Place of Death (POD): Columbus , Georgia (US-GA, GA, 13, Ga.)
  • Gender Identity: Male
  • Race or Ethnicity: White

J[ames] Robert Elliott Court Service Information

  • Court Name: United States District Court, Middle District of Georgia
  • Court Type: United States District Court
  • Appointment under the Presidency of: John F. Kennedy ( Democratic )
  • Judge Nomination vote date (as recorded in the Senate Executive Journal): 01/23/1962
  • Seat vacated by: Davis , T. Hoyt
  • Referral of Nominations to Judiciary Committee Date: 01/23/1962
  • Committee action: Reported With Recommendation
  • Committee action date: 02/07/1962
  • Senate voice vote?: Yes
  • Senate vote Date (Confirmation Date): 02/07/1962
  • Commission Date: 02/17/1962
  • Date of Service as Chief Judge (begin): 1972
  • Termination of Service as Chief Judge (Date): 1980
  • Date of Termination: 12/31/2000
  • Termination of function of Judge (specific reason): Retirement

J[ames] Robert Elliott in the Law School

  • Name of School: Emory University
  • Degree: Bachelor of Philosophy (Ph.B.)
  • Law Degree Year: 1930

Second Law School Attendance

  • Law Degree (Name of School): Emory University School of Law
  • Degree: Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
  • Law Degree Year: 1934

J[ames] Robert Elliott Career Path


  • Private practice, Columbus, Georgia, 1934-1943, 1946-1962
  • State representative, Georgia, 1937-1943, 1947-1949
  • U.S. Navy lieutenant, 1943-1946


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